Restore Therapy Lounge Infrared Sauna for up to 4 persons

True Full Spectrum, 100% Eucalyptus, Chromotherapy, Reclining Bench

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Restore Therapy Lounge by Health Mate

Enjoy your sauna lying down

Health Mate Restore Therapy Lounge is perfect for tall people who want to enjoy their infrared sauna fully lying down - even if you’re 6’ 5” tall! The Lounge bench supports your head, back and knees and can be adjusted to your individual needs. This sauna is 79” wide in the inside, so stretch as far as you want! The other way to use this sauna is for 4 people to sit down - there are enough heaters for the whole family!

True full spectrum infrared

The Restore Therapy Lounge saunas come with full spectrum infrared heaters, covering all infrared wavelengths from near, through mid, to far infrared. The wall and bench heaters are all highest quality Tecoloy™ M series heaters, with near infrared led emitter in the ceiling. With the whole spectrum of infrared in your sauna, you will experience the deepest form of infrared heat in your whole body. The Tecoloy™ heaters are strategically shaped and placed so that your body is surrounded by smooth infrared heat from all sides - true 360 degree field of infrared heat!

The heaters are positioned so that you will feel the maximum heat from the full spectrum Tecoloy™ M-series heaters that provide mid- and far infrared wavelengths. The near-infrared led emitter fulfills the infrared band of heat, creating the deepest and fullest possible infrared heat in your body. The Tecoloy™ heaters are strategically shaped and placed so that your body is surrounded by smooth infrared heat from all sides - true 360 degree field of infrared heat!

Better heat with more wood

The heat in the Therapy Lounge sauna is further improved by intelligent use of glass in the design. While a lot of glass in a sauna design might seem like a good idea, too much glass can lead to heat loss in the sauna. The wood-enclosed door and well thought placement of windows minimize this heat loss, while still allowing for a spacious feeling inside the sauna. The glass is mirrored privacy glass, so you can see out, with limited visibility into the sauna from the outside.

Comfort and luxury

Other comfort factors include a ergonomic bench, reservation (timer) mode, exterior lights and bluetooth speakers. The ergonomic bench is curved for maximum comfort, and is flat on the other side. It can be easily flipped so you can decide which design you like better. The reservation mode allows you to set your sauna to heat up ahead of time - excellent feature for getting some exercise, and coming home to a ready-heated sauna! The exterior lights really make your sauna stand out as a design element in your home. Therapy Lounge is really easy and quick to assemble - all you need is 2 persons and a Phillips screwdriver - no other tools required!

Sizes and specifications

3050 Watts
15 amps
NEMA 6-15P
Width: 79"
Depth: 44 1/2"
Height: 69 3/4"
Lounge Bench: 77 1/2" W x 21 1/4" D
Side Bench: 23" W x 16 1/4" D
Width: 83 1/2"
Depth: 49 1/2"
Height: 77 1/2"


Health Mate saunas are hand-built with premium eucalyptus. Eucalyptus is used because of its natural qualities and its ability to maintain its structure and shape even in high temperatures and humidity. It is wood that looks great and works great - especially in saunas. Eucalyptus wood is also anti-microbial and can last for more than 30 years with proper care and treatment. Unlike the cheap wood used in some competing products, eucalyptus doesn’t crack or warp even in heavy use - your sauna is an investment that will keep paying you health dividends for years and years.

Sustainably sourced wood

The eucalyptus wood used in Health Mate saunas is not only good for your health - it is also good for the environment. It is sustainably sourced plus each plank is 100% eucalyptus, all natural, and non-toxic.

Mid and far infrared Tecoloy Heaters

The patented Tecoloy™ heater M-series heaters deliver both mid and far infrared heat in a wide angle. These heaters have very fast heat-up times, and are certified fully non-toxic and very low EMF. The mid infrared, generated by the heater rod, has a peak wavelength of 5.8 microns. This wavelength can be transmitted through the water in our cells, allowing the heat to penetrate deeper into your body. The reflective panel in the heater outputs a 8.2 wavelength far infrared heat, absorbed by the outer layers of your skin. The full spectrum is completed by the near infrared led emitter in the ceiling, giving 0.6-0.9 micron wavelengths.


The patented structure of the Tecoloy heater guarantees full scattering the infrared heat, making you feel an even, smooth heat all over your body. Combine this with heaters placed both on the back and front walls, and also under the bench, and you have a full 360 degree experience of full spectrum infrared heat!


Extremely low EMF

EMF, or electromagnetic field, is a natural phenomenon present in all electric devices. Too much of it can be potentially harmful for your health. The Health Mate Tecoloy heaters were tested by independent Vitatech labs, and they found that right next to the heater, the very highest level of magnetic field was at 3.76 milliGauss, already considered a safe amount. The "safety level" of that number is actually far higher, when we take into account that the highest level was measured right at the surface of the heater rod. Because of the way the sauna is constructed, it’s impossible to get your body that close to the heater. When the distance from the heater increases, the mG measurements drop sharply.

In plain English: the magnetic field in the sauna is practically non-existent. More than a few inches from the heater it gets too low to even measure, even with specialized equipment. The electromagnetic field in Health Mate sauna is about 1000x weaker than what might be considered dangerous. You are absolutely safe from EMF in a Health Mate sauna!


Health MateTM offers a range of luxury accessories including aromatherapy units and backrests for additional comfort.

Included within the price of each cabin is:

  • LED Colour Light Therapy System - the first of its kind in an infrared sauna
  • Bluetooth speaker system
  • Air vent to keep the oxygen flowing
  • Digital Light Touch Controls
  • Unique easy-click installation system (for pain-free relocation)
  • Only the finest grade of 100% eucalyptus wood is used

Aroma Stone

Aroma Stone

Experience the soothing warmth of the Refresh MateTM Collection. With a variety of feature options, the economical and space saving design of each model makes for the perfect addition to any home or office.

Aroma Therapy Cup

Aroma Therapy Cup

Adding just a few drops of essential oils to your Aroma Mate aromatherapy cup will transform your warm space to a calming place. Simply attach the aroma cup to one of your TecoloyTM grills and enjoy.

Floor Mate

Floor Mate

Perfect for the entrance to your sauna, this Floor Mate includes polymer feet for superior stability. Measures 18″x24″

Hanging Shelf

Hanging Shelf

A sauna hanging shelf is available to maintain your sauna-related items. The shelf has space for books or towels and hooks for clothes or robe. The sauna hanging shelf can be inserted at the top of the side of the sauna, either inside or outside.


Ergonomic Backrest

Ergonomic Backrest

The evenly spaced cedar rods allows better air circulation for your skin when stretching out in your sauna. The ergonomic lumbar support follows the curvature of your body, reducing the pressure on your back by distributing the weight evenly when you lean against it.

Standard Backrest

Standard Backrest

Our standard cedar backrest has full slats to give your body extra support when you want to stretch out. The smooth design is comfortable, promoting relaxation and well-being.



One of the reasons why Divine Saunas decided to partner with Health Mate is their strict focus on quality. With a 5-stage quality control of all of their products, Health Mate can offer much better warranties than the competitors. The power supply and controller come with a 5 year warranty, and the same goes for the wood. Even after that, the wood is likely to last 30+ years when well cared for. The power supply and controller are commercial grade, well built and safe, and likely to last very long. The warranty is topped by the Tecoloy™ heaters, that come with an unconditional lifetime warranty - no questions asked!