LUMBER SCARCITY:Due to unprecedented demand, Canadian Western Red Cedar (the highest quality choice for saunas) is increasingly scarce. If you want a sauna in 2021, now is the time to order. For more information,please click here.


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Why choose an Infrared Sauna?

Infrared saunas have many benefits that the traditional saunas don’t have.
-Ease of assembly
-Plug and play electrical connections (no electricians needed)
-Lower energy use
-Possibility to easily have one at your city apartment
-Easy to disassemble if you need to move
-General ease of use
-Easy maintenance
-Remote control with mobile app

Why Divine saunas partnered up with Health Mate

-focus on quality - best quality control in the industry
-Health Mate brought the original infrared sauna to the US
-Over 40 years of experience

What are the high quality features common to all Health Mate saunas?

-High quality clear red cedar
-3rd party tested low EMF Tecoloy heaters
-Full spectrum infrared
-Touch sensor control
-Sparing use of glass in the design - better heat preservation
-Easy assembly