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Is Health Mate a Good Sauna? The Ultimate Guide

Until you start shopping for a home sauna, you might think it’s a quick process. Just measure your space and add the appropriate model to your cart, right?

You’ll soon find it’s not quite that simple. While a few minutes of research might be sufficient for picking out an electric fireplace, a sauna is so much more than just another appliance. You have to consider every detail, from the species of wood to the style of heater.

If you’ve started researching infrared saunas, you’re probably wondering “Is Health Mate a good sauna?” This is one of the questions we get most often here at Divine Saunas. That’s why we put together this complete guide on what sets Health Mate saunas apart from the rest.

By the time you’re done reading, you’ll have a crystal-clear understanding of why this brand has been the industry leader for 40 years. Let’s get started!

Health Mate Infrared Sauna Benefits

When you ask us “Is Health Mate a good sauna?” our answer will always be a resounding yes! As regular sauna goers ourselves, we could go on for days about all the great details in every Health Mate sauna.

But there are 5 major benefits you can’t get from any other brand of infrared sauna. Let’s take a deep dive into those now.

Faster Heat for a Faster Sweat

Since they opened for business in 1979, Health Mate has stayed focused on the customer experience. They’ve pioneered new forms of infrared light over the years—and that’s good news for you.

Health Mate’s patented TecoloyTM heater technology offers the highest watt density across the industry. The heater’s design means your sauna heats up lickety-split so you can start sweating it out sooner. On average, your Health Mate sauna will only need 15-20 minutes of warm-up time.

Compared to the average 30-45 minutes a traditional sauna needs for warming up, this is a huge time saver. Even if you choose to install yours in a cooler part of your home—like the garage—it should only take a maximum of 40 minutes to heat.

Another important detail we’d like to mention in response to “Is Health Mate a good sauna?” is the timer mode. Saunas from their Enrich, and Restore line come equipped with a timer mode. The reservation timer allows you to program when your sauna starts heating up.

Can you imagine getting home from a long day at work and heading straight for your sauna? You can start melting the stress away in a matter of minutes with this handy feature.

Enjoy the Benefits of Full Spectrum Heat

The many health benefits of regular sauna sessions have been documented for centuries. In the past few decades, many scientific studies have proven just how big of an effect saunas can have on your health.

The most widely known benefits include:

  • Relief from joint and arthritis pain
  • Improved cardiovascular health and blood pressure
  • Faster muscle recovery from exercise or strain (1)

But when you add full-spectrum infrared heat to your sauna experience, you’ll enjoy an even bigger slew of benefits.

Here’s the thing. Most infrared saunas use only one type of infrared light, but there are 3 kinds: near, mid, and far infrared. Each type offers a specific benefit. But since most manufacturers of infrared saunas use just one, you’re shut out from the benefits of the other 2 kinds.

Near infrared light can help wounds heal faster, speed up cell regeneration, revitalize your skin, and reduce inflammation. There’s also preliminary evidence that it can help reduce wrinkles and acne. (2)

“Saunas open skin pores, relax facial tension and promote cellular growth by bringing nutrients to the epidermis.” –Forbes

Mid infrared light penetrates soft tissue the best, making it great for improving your circulation and reducing inflammation. Finally, far infrared light penetrates the deepest of the 3. This type can ease mental stress and reduce joint stiffness.

Wouldn’t it be awful if you had to pick the benefits of just one type for your sauna? That’s why there are Health Mate saunas built to give you full-spectrum heat: so you can enjoy the full spectrum of benefits.

Non-Toxic Wood and Quality Construction

Health Mate saunas set the bar for infrared saunas across the industry. This wouldn’t be possible without the company’s commitment to top-quality construction and sustainable materials.

Every single sauna is hand-built by Health Mate using premium eucalyptus wood. Why eucalyptus? It’s excellent at maintaining structure and shape, even in high temperatures. Eucalyptus is also naturally microbial, making it a perfect match for any sauna.

The wood used for your sauna is about so much more than convenience and durability though. This probably isn’t something you’ve had to consider before, but certain woods can be toxic to humans.

Basically, our nostrils can’t detect every single toxin on earth. When it comes to wood, certain preparations can cause toxic chemicals to leach into the air around you—especially when that wood is heated. (3) Health Mate saunas source their own 100% sustainable eucalyptus to guarantee your safety and good health.

Finally, all that high-quality wood becomes your sauna. Every unit goes through a 5-point quality control process to make sure you receive a product that will last for decades.

Ultra-Low EMF Ratings

The question of “Is Health Mate a good sauna?” is really asking a lot of different things at once. We’ve covered their cutting-edge technology and dedication to sustainable materials, but you’re probably wondering about safety too.

All in all, your sauna is supposed to benefit your health—not harm you. And because infrared light is a relatively recent innovation in heat therapy, of course you want to make sure it’s not some dangerous fad like UV tanning beds. We get it.

So, we’re thrilled to say that Health Mate saunas undergo third-party independent testing for safety. Every single model has received a certification for ultra-low EMF, or electromagnetic fields.

The dangers of EMF exposure are the reason your x-ray tech stands in a different room during the procedure. High-frequency EMF like these are classified as ionizing radiation, which can do direct damage to your cells and DNA. (4)

But since every Health Mate sauna is certified as Low EMF, you can safely enjoy all the benefits of full-spectrum infrared light with none of the negative side effects caused by high EMF.


The value of a good warranty can’t be overstated these days. Though many companies are struggling with quality control and supply chains lately, Health Mate doesn’t have this problem.

You see, Health Mate spent years laying the groundwork for a successful manufacturing and shipping process. Today, every sauna they sell undergoes a 5-stage quality control process. The same is true for every component of your sauna, from the wood to the heaters.

That’s why this brand provides a great warranty for every single product and component. The power supply, controller, and even the Eucalyptus wood come with a 5 year no-questions-asked warranty.

The infrared heaters themselves have an ironclad lifetime warranty—no conditions or sneaky loopholes. When you consider all the benefits and the protection of your warranty, a Health Mate sauna is one of the lowest-risk investments you can make.

Are There Many Health Mate Sauna Complaints?

No, there aren’t many Health Mate sauna complaints out there. This isn’t just our experience at Divine Saunas, either. As the industry leader in infrared sauna technology for over 40 years, Health Mate stands by their products.

And we wouldn’t partner with them if we didn’t stand by their products, too. When you wonder, “Is Health Mate a good sauna?” The answer is yes, no matter who you ask.

Are Their Tecoloy Heaters Effective?

Yes, Health Mate’s proprietary Tecoloy heaters are both effective and long-lasting. They wouldn’t come with a lifetime warranty otherwise!

The reason their heaters are so cutting-edge comes down to the construction. Most infrared saunas use either ceramic rods or carbon fiber to generate heat. Unfortunately, both materials are less than ideal.

Here's the thing. Ceramic heaters can get hotter faster than a carbon fiber heater. The trade-off is that with a ceramic heater, you’ll often experience hot and cool spots in your sauna. Worst of all, ceramic is fragile. Rapidly heating and cooling the rods will cause them to break eventually, which means you can’t use your sauna. (5)

Carbon fibers can’t get as hot as ceramic rods, and they heat up more slowly. This is good news for the longevity of the heater. But it means you’ll be left waiting—and waiting—for your sauna to heat up for every single use.

Cue the Tecoloy heaters. Health Mate invented this hybrid heater, which eliminates uneven temperatures while heating up quickly and safely. Not only are the Tecoloy heaters effective, but the odds are you’ll never need to use your lifetime warranty. 

How to Clean Health Mate Sauna

Another key element of answering “Is Health Mate a good sauna?” comes down to clean-up and maintenance. You’ll undo much of your relaxation if you have to scrub the unit down after every use. Luckily, even cleaning your Health Mate sauna is quick and simple.

After every sauna session, all you need to do is wipe down interior surfaces with a damp towel or cloth. Pay special attention to areas you touch the most—like the door handle, seating, backrest, and control panel.

There’s a bit of general maintenance you can do while cleaning the rest of your home. For example, take a few minutes to dust the interior and exterior whenever you dust other furniture. Don’t forget about any interior or exterior lights, which can become a haven for cobwebs over long periods of time.

Every now and then, check out the floor of your sauna. You want it clean and dust-free since you use it while barefoot. Just give the floor a quick sweep or vacuum once every 3 or 4 sessions and wipe down with a damp cloth.

That’s all there is to it!

The Bottom Line

Now you know the answer to “Is Health Mate a good sauna?” Not only that—you also know every single reason their infrared saunas are the best in the world.

Here at Divine Saunas, we believe in the physical and mental health benefits of regular sauna sessions. We also understand that to have a good experience every time, you need a reliable and well-designed product.

And we wouldn’t partner with Health Mate if we didn’t 100% believe in the quality of their saunas. From installation to daily use and everything in between, every detail has been considered. Even the warranty goes above and beyond the industry standard, so you never have to worry about protecting your investment.

Now you just have to decide which model and accessories are right for you! Start shopping for your Health Mate sauna now or contact us if you have any questions.


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Divine Saunas Team
Divine Saunas Team

The team at Divine Saunas, brings years of combined expertise in the sauna industry and in creating helpful customer experiences online. With our unique perspectives we work together to help our customers fulfill their goals in creating a wonderful sauna oasis and spa. We do the research of high quality products, information and solutions and deliver that to you.

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