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Guide to Buying an Infrared Sauna for Home Use

Infrared saunas offer a range of unique and therapeutic benefits, from improved circulation and pain relief to detoxification and relaxation. With so many options on the market, choosing the right infrared sauna for your home can be a daunting task.

In this guide, we’ll explore the different factors to consider when buying an infrared sauna, from sauna size and low EMF levels to quality craftsmanship and additional features.

Which Sauna Type is Right for You?

When buying an infrared sauna, it can be difficult to find the right type for you. From traditional Finnish-style saunas to more modern infrared saunas, there are plenty of choices and comparisons to make.

With so many guides and reviews available at your fingertips, it can be difficult to find an unbiased selection. For the more modern experience with less heat, infrared saunas are becoming the most popular choice for many people, while others still prefer the traditional heating methods.

Ultimately, the right infrared sauna type for you will depend on your personal preferences, available space, and budget.

Why Infrared Saunas are the Top Choice

Infrared saunas are quickly becoming the top choice for a luxury experience because it can run indoors as a seamless part of your home. No more venturing outside all times of the year to enjoy your sauna room; simply let the sauna heat up and step inside.

Many people consider infrared saunas superior because the heat is much gentler than a traditional sauna, which is important if you are sensitive to heat, have dry skin, or are prone to dehydration quickly. This makes the infrared sauna experience much more comfortable and convenient for everyone, without losing any of the benefits. (1)

“Keep the treatments short at first and increase length if you tolerate them well.”- Debra Rose Wilson, PhD

At Divine Saunas, we only recommend saunas with durable craftsmanship that are built to last. This means we can assist you in finding the perfect infrared sauna for anywhere from 1-4 people, helping you create a modern therapeutic space in your home.

What is the Lifespan of an Infrared Sauna?

Our Health Mate infrared saunas require very little maintenance because the natural Eucalyptus wood paneling has anti-microbial properties. Not only does this make it an environmentally sustainable choice but reduces the amount of care required to keep the sauna clean.

By choosing a sauna with quality craftsmanship, you’ll find that the sauna is built to last for more than 30 years. This makes it one of the longest-lasting investments you can make for your health and wellbeing. Best of all, Health Mate offers an unconditional lifetime warranty on the heaters for all of their saunas.

Do Infrared Saunas Use a Lot of Electricity?

No, infrared saunas do not use a lot of electricity. In fact, this is yet another reason why many people prefer infrared saunas over traditional, as they are much less expensive to run and are, in most cases, the electric heaters are considered much more environmentally sound than a traditional wood-burning heater.

Depending on the size of the infrared sauna and how often you use it, you can expect to pay around 20 cents per hour in the sauna, based on the average US energy cost per hour.

What to Look for When Buying an Infrared Sauna

There are several factors to consider when buying an infrared sauna, but you should first consider the size of the sauna that will fit in your available space.

Once you have determined how large of a sauna you want in the space, you can then shop for a sauna with low EMF and ELF levels. The quality craftsmanship from the brands Divine Saunas offers is focused around providing durable, long-lasting saunas with low EMF and ELF levels for a safe and therapeutic experience.

Once you’ve found the right sauna for your budget, don’t forget to consider the additional features and accessories available to enhance your experience.

What Are EMF and ELF Levels?

When selecting an infrared sauna, it's critical to choose one that emits low levels of electromagnetic field (EMF) and extremely low frequency (ELF) radiation. Exposure to high levels of EMF and ELF has been associated with various health problems, from dizziness and headaches to more serious complications.

Fortunately, low levels of these are safe, as demonstrated by much of the technology we surround ourselves with on a day-to-day basis.

Most infrared saunas of quality craftsmanship, such as the ones offered on Divine Saunas, are designed to minimize this exposure with ultra-low levels well below limits to prevent these complications. Problems only arise when you choose sauna manufacturers that cut corners or have poor quality control.

What Kind of Accessories Can You Choose From?

In addition to the basic heating elements and controls, there are various accessories you can purchase to enhance your infrared sauna experience.

You can also add specialized lighting to create a more relaxing atmosphere or provide chromotherapy benefits. Essential oils can be used in a diffuser or steam dispenser for aromatherapy, and backrests can be purchased for added comfort.

Towel warmers keep towels warm and dry while oxygen ionizers purify the air and promote relaxation. Magazine racks can also be added for reading material.

Keep in mind that some saunas come with some accessories already, so you may not need to purchase anything additional. It’s best to read the details for individual products to help you determine what each sauna room comes with already.

For example, all infrared saunas from Divine Saunas come with Bluetooth audio sound systems that are built to withstand the sauna environment, so you don’t have to purchase any additional audio equipment.

Shop Infrared Today

Take a look at Divine Sauna’s ‘Infrared Saunas’ page today to learn more about the options available to you, and how each sauna compares. We’re dedicated to helping you experience the true luxury and therapeutic benefits of saunas, no matter what you’re looking for.


1. Debra Rose Wilson, PhD., Healthline, Infrared Saunas: Your Questions Answered,

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