Who started Divine Saunas?

A story of a company is also a story of the entrepreneur. So, who am I, the founder of Divine Saunas?

My name is Jaakko. I was born and raised in Finland, where I lived most of my life. For my last 10 years there, I had a successful career in IT & customer service. However, even though things were good on the surface, I felt that working within a rigid company structure was really restricting my creativity.

I knew I should be doing something "more". I didn't know what it was, but I knew there had to be something better... eventually in 2015 I took the leap. I quit my job, and went traveling to figure out what that "something" was. Eventually I found eCommerce to be the answer!

After leaving Finland, I've become something of a global citizen. I've traveled all over the world both in search of better life, and good saunas. I believe good life and good saunas complement each other very well. This is me on one of my travels, trekking Mount Bromo, an active volcano in Indonesia.

Finnish highlights

Finland is known for a few things, such as:

  • Saunas: Most saunas per capita in the world (5 million people, 3 million saunas)
  • Lakes: Most lakes in the world (187 888 lakes)

...and we Finns are known to be fond of:

  • Coffee: Highest coffee consumption per capita in the world
  • Metal music: Most metal bands per capita in the world
  • Vodka: Well, I guess Russians beat us at liters consumed per capita... I guess this is the only competition where we may have to let them win.

While I do enjoy all three, the best thing for me in Finland is the nature. Especially when combined with a lakeside sauna. 

I never gave up traveling...