Original Cedar Wood Hot Tub Kit - for 3-5 People - Wood Fired - Round-Shape

100% Western Red Cedar, Customizable, Made to Order

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  • Cedar Wood Hot Tub Kit Tub by Leisurecraft, for 3-5 people, Wood Fired, Barrel Shape

    All-natural wood-heated hydrotherapy relaxation

    Dundalk Leisurecraft western red cedar hot tubs are perfect for relaxation. You can enjoy all-natural hydrotherapy in this pure wooden hot tub, heated by firewood - fully off the grid! The wood fired heater inside the hot tub is a very safe design, as the heater is contained behind a guard fence inside the tub. This design leaves plenty of space inside the tub for up to 5 people depending on the size you select.

    The cedar hot tub kits come in three diameter sizes: 5, 6 and 7 feet wide (the 5 foot diameter seats 3 the 6' seats 4 and the 7' seats 5), and with a 42" height with inside depths of 38" deep it is a perfect soaking tub for adults.

    The larger than a semi-circle bench design in the barrel shaped tub allows for comfortable spacing for socializing.

    Whatever size you choose, the Dundalk hot tubs are perfect for relaxing outdoors in any weather. Even if it's snowing, the hot water mass will keep you warm for as long as you like. The efficient design of the heater will heat the tub water from 45º F to 105º F in 2-4 hours, depending on tub size. As the design is all natural, no filtration, chemicals or pumps are needed. This is a perfect choice for enjoying nature in any off-row setting!

    Why Cedar?

    Cedar is a beautiful combination of form and function. Let's talk about the "form" first: it is just a pleasure for the senses. The natural aromatic smell, further enhanced by the warm water, is something that synthetic materials won't give you. The cedar is also weather-resistant, keeping it's beautiful look much longer than other types of wood.

    The "functions" aren't lacking either. Maybe one of the most important features in a tub wood is the mold resistance. Cedar is specifically resistant to mold and rot/decay. Another thing it resists are bugs (i.e. no pesky moths), so you don't need to worry about infestations even if you leave the tub without use for some time.


    The aluminum wood fired heater is a perfect complement to this cedar tub. Heating up hundreds of gallons of water takes a significant amount of energy. While other heaters might struggle, the wood-fired heater has no issues in heating the water to a perfect temperature in just a few hours.


    The 3 tier steps are highly recommended. Especially with the nearly 4 foot tub, you'll need some kind of a solution for getting in and out. The cedar steps are sturdy, safe and go perfectly with the tub.

    The cedar cover is protection from flying debris and bugs. The cover will also provide a barrier for small kids to climb in unsupervised. The cover comes in clear cedar or knotty cedar.

    The aluminum ash scoop is a perfect assistant to clean out excess ash.

    Extras such as the canoe paddle to stir your hot tub water while heating to mix the and even out the water temperature and the convenient shelf is great for adding drinks.

    The cedar steps are sturdy, safe and go perfectly with the tub

    3 tier steps

    Cedar covers keep the debris out of the water.

    Cedar Cover

    Aluminum Ash Scoop for wood fired heater

    Aluminum Ash Scoop

    Canoe Paddle to stir your hot tub water while heating

    Canoe Paddle

    The convenient shelf is great for adding drinks

    Bottle Shelf

    Square Firewood Storage

    Square Firewood Storage with Cover Stand

    Barrel-shaped firewood storage is a great solution for storing the wood for the heater

    5' Round Clear Cedar Firewood Storage


    No matter what upgrades you buy, you get all these great features with any Dundalk hot tub:

    Three-marine grade stainless steel bands keep the tub together. Use a 3/4 inch wrench to tighten

    Marine Grade Bands

    Three-marine grade stainless steel bands keep the tub together.

    This bench configuration lets everyone in the tub face each other

    Large Benches

    This bench configuration provides ample space for each person.

    Floor drain makes the tub easy to drain, while the recessed design keeps you from accidentally pulling the plug

    Easy Floor Drain

    Floor drain makes the tub easy to drain, and recessed design prevents accidental unplugging.

    The guarantee of the best quality cedar on the market

    Top Graded Cedar

    The guarantee of the best quality cedar on the market.

    More info?

    Would you like to know the exact measurements, the hot tub base preparation, access to all manuals and videos on how to set up your tub?

    Our team of experts has gathered in one place everything you need to know about your Cedar Barrel Outdoor Hot Tub kit.

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