Libera Glass Indoor Sauna by Auroom

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  • Elevate Your Experience with Libera Glass Indoor Sauna by Auroom

    Immerse Yourself in a Sauna Enhanced with Elegant Design

    Designed in collaboration with the renowned Italian architect Luca Donazzolo, the Libera Glass Indoor Sauna by Auroom embodies sophistication and tranquility. Its exterior glass wall seamlessly integrates with the interior, creating a harmonious sanctuary where luxury meets comfort.

    Design Your Oasis to Meet Your Desires

    The Libera Sauna, as another exquisite design by Auroom, allows you to add your finishing touch with options to tailor your sanctuary–personalizing your space to perfection. This Libera sauna has a glass front wall (also available upon request with a wood front wall), five sizes available ranging from intimate to spacious, and three luxurious wood options including honey-colored Alder, contemporary natural light-colored Aspen, and the rich warmth of Thermo-Aspen. The Libera Sauna adapts to your preferences effortlessly. Each wood type offers unique qualities, ensuring durability, aesthetic appeal, and a blissful sauna experience. Plus, additional features enhance your sauna experience. The Libera includes exterior paneling on the side walls, and external paneling for the back exterior wall is available upon request.


    Auroom Libera Sizes
    Actual Dimensions
    48"D x 71"W (Up to 2 people)
    71” W x 48” D x 82.7” H
    59"D x 71"W (Up to 3 people)
    71” W x 59” D x 82.7” H
    59"D x 79"W (Up to 4 people)
    79” W x 59” D x 82.7” H
    79"D x 79"W (Up to 5 people)
    79” W x 79” D x 82.7” H
    79"D x 99"W (Up to 6 people)
    99” W x 79” D x 82.7” H
    Auroom Libera Wood Finishes

    Natural Alder Wood

    • Durable
    • Light Weight
    • Water Repellant


    Natural Aspen Wood

    • Smooth Texture
    • Beautiful light tone
    • Doesn't get too hot
    • Doesn't secrete resin
    • Doesn't splinter


    Natural Thermo-Aspen Wood

    • Light Weight
    • Durable
    • Resists Warping
    • Non-Toxic
    • Eco-Friendly
    • Thermo-Process removes moisture from the wood

    Indulge in Luxurious Accessories

    Auroom Sauna Accessories

    Experience ultimate relaxation with the array of accessories included with your Libera Sauna. From the practicality of a bucket and ladle to the ambiance set by the aroma set and LED strip backlighting your backrests, every detail is designed to elevate your well-being. Additionally, monitor your sauna environment with the thermometer and hygrometer, while keeping time with the sand timer for the perfect session. Complete your experience with a sauna hat and pillow for added comfort and luxury. Other accessories available on request include extra lamps that can be added to the side walls.

    Comfort and Convenience

    Indulge in relaxation with the Libera Sauna's thoughtful features. Two Tiers to maximize seating. Enjoy the convenience of a self-closing door with left- or right-handed options, premium wooden handles, and stainless-steel hinges. Luxurious amenities like the previously mentioned LED strip lighting and a built-in backrest enhance your comfort, while included accessories elevate your sauna experience.

    Auroom Sauna 2-tier benches

    Where Craftsmanship Meets Innovation

    Auroom Sauna Craftsmanship

    Masterfully handcrafted for over two decades, Auroom saunas set the standard for quality and exquisite design in the sauna industry. With a team of skilled craftsmen and leading specialists, Auroom combines traditional sauna traditions with cutting-edge technology to deliver unparalleled wellness solutions. From private home sauna projects to spa hotel complexes, each Auroom sauna is meticulously crafted to exceed the most demanding requirements, ensuring the best sauna experience available today.

    Get ready to transform your home and indulge in the ultimate sauna experience, by placing your order today.

    Auroom Deluxe Accessories Set

    Auroom Sauna Accessories
    Auroom Sauna Accessories - Bucket + Ladle

    Bucket + Ladle

    Auroom Sauna Accessories - Thermometer + Hygrometer

    Thermometer + Hygrometer

    Auroom Sauna Accessories - Sand Timer

    Sand Timer

    Auroom Sauna Accessories - Aroma Set

    Aroma Set

    Auroom Sauna Accessories - Sauna Hat

    Sauna Hat

    Auroom Sauna Accessories - Sauna Pillow

    Sauna Pillow

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    While Divine Saunas is based in the US, our founder was born and raised in the birthplace of the sauna - Finland. As he once said “Even though most nations on earth have come up with some version of a sauna, the original Finnish-style sauna is renowned worldwide.” Through his many years of regular sauna use and research, he's learned what makes a perfect sauna which we've used as the foundation of our mission.

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  • At Divine Saunas, we use our lifelong sauna expertise to bring you the highest quality saunas, customized just for you.

    Unparalleled Quality

    Our Dundalk traditional saunas are all custom made in Canada using Western Red Cedar, our Thermory traditional saunas with wood from Scandinavia are made using a unique thermally modified Nordic spruce, and our infrared saunas are made by Health Mate. All brands are some of the best available in the USA.

    Customization Options

    Because our traditional saunas are mostly custom made, you have the ability to customize based on your needs.

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