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Familia Indoor Traditional Sauna by Auroom

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  • Familia

    Introducing the Familia by Auroom - an embodiment of luxury and sophistication in the realm of saunas. Step into a world of timeless elegance, where the fusion of traditional allure and contemporary charm creates an unparalleled oasis of relaxation.

    As you enter, your senses are captivated by the Familia's vertical wall panels, meticulously crafted with a keen eye for detail, exuding a luxurious aura that immediately sets it apart. The front, a masterpiece of fine woodwork, embraces you with its flawless finish, evoking a sense of warmth and comfort that only natural materials can provide. The glass door, invitingly transparent, adds a touch of modernity, allowing you to peer into the world of tranquility that awaits.

    A Design for the Senses

    The Familia's minimalist style is a symphony of understated refinement, captivating your imagination with its understated allure. Inside, soft, dim lighting cocoons the space in a tender glow, casting a soothing ambiance that beckons you to unwind and escape the cares of the outside world. Beyond the glass door, the wood-enclosed front design offers a reassuring touch of privacy, ensuring an intimate experience that is yours to relish.

    While embracing the traditions of the classic sauna, the Familia dares to venture into new territory with an intriguingly fresh look. Wooden lamps grace the inside walls, their warm illumination expertly dimmable, allowing you to set the perfect atmosphere for your desired relaxation.

    Choose your Heater

    The healthful high temperatures inside the Familia sauna are produced by an electric heater. We have a choice of heaters here however there are more options available including WiFi control. Each heater option will require 240v circuit–the amperage varies based on the heater selected.

    Backed by a 5-year guarantee, the HUUM DROP heater is an example of a convenient way to cost-effectively luxuriate in the Familia's embracing warmth.

    HUUM DROP electric heater
    UKU Wifi Sauna Controller
    UKU Wifi Sauna Controller2

    The heaters can be operated by either its control panel or for those with WiFi, you can control via mobile app. Connected to your Wi-Fi network, the device puts in the palm of your hand the power to manage the heater's functions remotely. With the mobile app, you can use your phone to have your sauna ready and waiting when you return home.

    Durable Construction for Exquisite Design

    Beneath this artful exterior lies a foundation built for endurance and longevity. The aluminum base frame, concealed beneath the walls, endows the Familia with remarkable durability, enabling it to withstand the rigors of a humid environment. This meticulous construction ensures that this sauna is not only stunning but also built to stand the test of time.

    Auroom Familia Indoor Sauna Interior

    A style statement for your home

    Familia's carefully crafted design blends traditional sauna aesthetics with the exquisite vibrancy of contemporary styling to enhance your space.

    Familia Auroom Sauna in Aspen

    A Beautiful Sanctuary

    In the Familia by Auroom, you'll discover the pinnacle of luxury and meticulous attention to detail, a sanctuary where the cares of the day melt away, and the soul finds rejuvenation. Elevate your sauna experience to Auroom’s unmatched level of indulgence with this timeless masterpiece.

    Reliable, carefree operation

    Your Familia sauna can be installed on tile or concrete near a drain wherever you want beneath your roof—downstairs, exercise room, upstairs. Plus a 2-year warranty helps you rest easy.

    Sauna Kit Includes:

    Fully-clad side walls, floor grid, and LED strip behind backrest. Set of Deluxe accessories: bucket, ladle, thermometer, hygrometer, aroma set, sauna hat, sauna pillow and sand timer.

    More info?

    Would you like to know the exact measurements, the sauna base preparation, electrical requirements, access to all manuals and videos on how to set up your sauna?

    Our team of experts has gathered in one place everything you need to know about your Sauna.

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  • 2 Year warranty Read More Details


    Model: Familia 99"x79"

    Door & Window:

    • Glass door with stainless steel door hinges
    • 8 mm tempered glass (Clear)

    Product Width: 99"

    Product Depth: 79"

    Product Height: 82.7"

    Shipping Weight: -

    Auroom Drawings 200x200

    Model: Familia 79"x79"

    Door & Window:

    • Glass door with stainless steel dorma hinges
    • 8 mm tempered glass (Clear)

    Product Width: 79"

    Product Depth: 79"

    Product Height: 82.7"

    Shipping Weight: -

    Auroom Drawings 150x200

    Model: Familia 79"x59"

    Door & Window:

    • Glass door with stainless steel dorma hinges
    • 8 mm tempered glass (Clear)

    Product Width: 79"

    Product Depth: 59"

    Product Height: 82.7"

    Shipping Weight: -

    Auroom Drawings 150x200
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    Our Dundalk traditional saunas are all custom made in Canada using Western Red Cedar, our Thermory traditional saunas with wood from Scandinavia are made using a unique thermally modified Nordic spruce, and our infrared saunas are made by Health Mate. All brands are some of the best available in the USA.

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