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Dundalk Outdoor Pod Sauna, up to 8 people, 3 package options


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  • Dundalk Leisure Craft Pod Sauna with Electric or Wood-burning heater


    Dundalk Leisure Craft Pod saunas are uniquely shaped outdoor saunas. They are made of sturdy solid wood, built to last from generation to generation. The triple layer roof provides great insulation for the heat, and keeps the elements out. This increases the longevity of your sauna, and keeps the running costs low. If you're looking for something unique to your yard or cabin, the Pod sauna is a great choice!

    These saunas can be configured in a myriad of ways. While trying to make a buying decision, too much choice can be... well, too much, especially as not all choices are compatible with each other. That's why we here at Divine Saunas looked into what works and what doesn't, and put together three ready-to-buy packages. While each one is suitable for a different situation, they are all guaranteed to provide you with a great sauna experience!


    If you feel that these ready configurations don't suit your needs and would like to have a different setup, it's totally possible! You can either contact us to discuss all these choices, or play around with all the options of this sauna with the fully customizable option.

    Three great sauna packages to choose from:

    • Compact - This configuration takes the least space. Upgrades and options are at a minimum, so you only pay for the essentials.
    • Smart - Comes with more space and comfort, while still keeping the price affordable.
    • Deluxe - For those who want the best, period.

    Let's look at each one in detail!

    Compact Pod Sauna Package

    Did you build a dream house or cabin, and couldn't really afford a sauna anymore but just can't go without? We understand! The compact package will get you started with a quality sauna. This sauna setup comes with all the necessary basics, with no costly additions. Knotty wood exterior gives a rustic look that many people look for. Knotty wood is more affordable than clear wood, so costs are kept in check.


    • 8'x6' sauna room is good for small spaces and fits up to 4 people
    • Outside measurements: width 8 ft, length 6 ft, height 7 ft 6 inches
    • Electric heater is a care-free choice for urban environments
    • 2 tier benches are great for families with kids
    • Just the sauna, no extras - simple and affordable choice!


    saaku electric heater by tylohelo upgrade for dundalk pod sauna

    Electric Heater

    Electric heater is a simple, care-free choice for urban environments and provides plenty of heat.

    2 tier benches upgrade for dundalk pod sauna

    2-Tier Benches

    2-tier benches improve the feeling of heat and are great for kids with families.

    knotty bevel siding for dundalk pod sauna

    Knotty Wood

    Knotty wood gives a rustic look and is more affordable than clear wood.

    clear wood upgrade for dundalk pod sauna

    Compact Size

    Compact size makes this sauna fit into small spaces while still fitting up to 4 people (clear wood siding shown instead of knotty wood).

    Smart Pod Sauna Package

    This is a great choice for most people. All the basics, plus some handy upgrades that will definitely improve the experience. One big difference to the Compact package is the wood-burning Dundalk heater. Wood heating gives a smoother feeling of heat, and the outside feed system keeps the wood debris out of your sauna.

    Like the compact package, the Smart choice comes with knotty wood, so you can get more upgrades while still keeping the cost low.


    • 8'x7' sauna room will fit up to 6 people
    • Outside measurements: width 8 ft, length 11 ft 1 inch, height 7 ft 6 inches
    • Smooth feeling of gentle heat with wood burning heater
    • Changeroom for extra space and cooling down
    • Front windows allow natural light in
    • Accessories package with Exterior marine grade light, Interior cedar light shade and a Cedar bottle shelf.
    dundalk outside feed wood burning heater upgrade for dundalk pod sauna

    Dundalk Heater

    Outside feed wood burning sauna heaters help keep your sauna clean by keeping the debris out.

    porch knotty wood upgrade for dundalk pod sauna

    Changing room

    Changeroom provides extra space, and a medium-warm space for cooling down.

    natural light with front windows upgrade for dundalk pod sauna

    Natural Light

    Front windows, both on the outer wall and between changeroom and sauna, provide plenty of natural light.

    knotty bevel siding for dundalk pod sauna

    Knotty Wood

    Knotty wood gives a rustic look and is more affordable than clear wood.

    accessories kit upgrade for dundalk pod sauna

    Accessories Kit

    Smart accessories kit includes an Exterior marine grade light, Interior cedar light shade and a Cedar bottle shelf.

    Deluxe Pod Sauna Package

    If you simply want the best with no questions asked, then this is your choice. With the 8'x8' sauna room, 4' changeroom and 2' porch, this is the largest Pod sauna model. It will fit up to 8 people at once. If you have a large family or frequently entertain larger groups of friends, and want to show them that you really appreciate quality, this sauna will certainly accomplish that. Outside the front and back are changed from knotty wood to more prestigious clear wood.

    The roof is covered in dazzling cedar shingles, giving it a fascinating and detailed look. Front windows in both the porch and between the changing room and sauna let in natural light. The accessories package makes sure that nothing is missing. At the heart of your sauna is Harvia M3 wood-burning heater with glass window showcases the fire, and allows that natural soothing light to dance in your sauna. Life doesn't get any better than that!


    • 8'x8' sauna room fits up to 8 people, great for large groups
    • Outside measurements: width 8 ft, length 14 ft, height 7 ft 6 inches
    • Clear wood is a more prestigious upgrade from the knotty wood
    • Cedar shingle roofing gives the sauna a fascinating look
    • Harvia M3 wood-burning heater gives you the most authentic sauna feeling
    • Changing room provides a medium warm cooling down area
    • Front windows in the porch and changing room let in natural light
    • Accessories package with everything in the smart kit, and 2x Elite/Comfort headrests, Extra vent kit and 4oz Eucalyptus sauna fragrance.
    harvia woodburning heater glass door upgrade for dundalk pod sauna

    Harvia Heater

    Harvia inside feed wood burning sauna heater lets the relaxing natural light dance in your sauna.

    changeroom upgrade for dundalk pod sauna


    4' Changeroom is useful if your sauna is farther away from the main building.

    natural light with front windows upgrade for dundalk pod sauna

    Natural Light

    Front windows, both on the outer wall and between changeroom and sauna, provide plenty of natural light.

    shingle roof and porch upgrade for dundalk pod sauna

    Shingle Roof

    Get a dazzling look to your Pod sauna with this easy to install cedar shingle roofing!

    porch with clear wood upgrade for dundalk pod sauna


    Cool down after a sauna at this 2' wide clear wood porch (clear bevel shown instead of shingle roof).

    signature benches for dundalk pod sauna

    Signature Benches

    Curved Signature sauna benches complete your sauna with a pleasant soft look.

    Plenty of extras with all packages

    Regardless of the package you select, you get all of these nice features with any Pod sauna type:

    • Benches & Backrests
    • Vents for adjustable air circulation
    • Bucket, ladle, 3 peg towel hanger and thermometer 
    • Triple-layer roof for insulation and weather resistance
    benches and backrests upgrade for dundalk pod sauna

    Benches And Backrests

    Relax lying down or sitting on these long benches with backrests.

    bucket and ladle upgrade for dundalk pod sauna

    Bucket And Ladle

    1.85 gallon bucket with ladle has enough water for a full sauna session.

    3 peg towel hanger upgrade for dundalk pod sauna

    3 Peg Towel Hanger

    Wooden 3 peg towel hanger is a nice addition to your sauna.

    thermometer upgrade for dundalk pod sauna


    Thermometer with Fahrenheit scale comes for free with all Dundalk saunas.

    vent for air circulation upgrade for dundalk pod sauna

    Air Vent

    Air vent helps keep the sauna air easy to breath. You can control the airflow with the slider.

    triple layer roof upgrade for dundalk pod sauna

    Triple Layer Roof

    Triple layer roof increases heat insulation and efficiently shields your sauna from the elements.


    Dundalk LeisureCraft Inc. warrants their saunas against defects in materials and workmanship under normal/residential use for a period of five (5) years, as applicable, from the date of receipt of the product by the original end-user consumer.
    This warranty does not apply to normal wear and tear and/or natural weather conditions.
    This warranty does not cover regular required maintenance of the sauna, (eg. tightening bands on the barrels, cleaning or staining the sauna) refer to your sauna assembly manual for maintenance guidelines.
    This warranty does not cover misuse or negligence and the manufacturer and associated retailers are not liable for any injury or damage caused by the product.
    This warranty is a parts only warranty and any service or labor costs would not be considered as part of the 5 year warranty.

    Assembly instructions, knotty


    Assembly instructions, clear



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  • Dundalk Leisure Craft order and shipping information

    COVID-19 situation update - business continues

    We're able to keep working while ensuring worker safety. For now things are looking good for the production of saunas. There might be some shipping delays, but we're staying on top of the situation and continuing to function. If you have specific questions, please contact us.

    Delivery times

    All Dundalk saunas and hot tubs are custom made to order, and delivered as a crated pre-fabricated kit to you. Manufacturing the saunas and hot tubs takes 3-4 weeks. As shipping takes about 1 week, you can expect to receive the final product in 4-5 weeks after ordering.

    The products are delivered in a 7/16" thick plywood crates. The size varies based on the product size, and they look like this:

    Dundalk sauna shipped in 7/16 inch plywood crate

    This kind of crating guarantees that you receive the sauna or hot tub kit in the same condition as it left the factory.

    Free Shipping & residential deliveries

    free shipping to a loading dock

    Free shipping is free to a loading dock, such as a shipping terminal near you. If you can arrange your own transportation from there on, that's great! If not, no worries! We have extra services available to have the product sent straight to your home. For smaller saunas and hot tubs, this residential delivery service includes liftgate service, so that the crate is unloaded from the delivery truck to the curbside at your home.

    liftgate delivery available to 92 inch or shorter sauna and hot tub crates

    Liftgate deliveries are only available on the 92" or shorter sauna crates. Most saunas need 2 people & lifting equipment, or the building crew on-site to help with the unloading. Sometimes the cheapest option for the larger saunas may be to have it delivered to the nearest terminal, and renting a truck or a trailer to move it from there to your home or cabin.

    Dundalk sauna crate open on trailer

    Renting a trailer may be a good choice!

    Shipping to Alaska & Hawaii

    Yes, we ship to Alaska and Hawaii! As the shipping cost depends on each situation, please contact us for a shipping quote.

    Crate sizes & delivery areas

    The sauna crate sizes vary from 84" x 45" 32" weighing 680 lbs (smallest indoor cabin saunas) to 174" x 45" x 42" with 1765 lbs weight (8x8 ft. Pod sauna room with 4 ft. changeroom and 2 ft. porch). For most saunas, you can find the crate dimensions & weight information in the specification / measurement files. If you have questions about the dimensions or weight, please contact us.

    The residential deliveries are only available to easy access areas (with "normal" roads where trucks can drive easily). Depending on the situation, there might be extra costs associated with hard to reach areas, such as cabins. If unsure, please contact us and we will get you a shipping quote.

    Dundalk sauna delivered to an island

    Sorry, island deliveries are not included in free shipping!

    Receiving your sauna or hot tub delivery:

    When the shipment is on its way, the shipping company will call you to set up the delivery time.

    When receiving any freight shipment such as the sauna crate, there are two important things to check:

    1. That you have the right number of boxes, and
    2. That there is no shipping damage.

    Please check the delivery receipt / bill of lading. It will show how many crates, boxes or other items there should be total. Make sure the numbers match with what you're getting.

    If there are shipping damages:

    With freight shipments there are generally two types of damage that can occur:

    • visible damage (damaged container/crate)
    • concealed damage (damaged contents, with undamaged container).

    With Dundalk crates the concealed damage is rare, as the wood parts are not easily damaged. If there are any damages or item shortages, make a note of these on the delivery receipt. It is important to be specific, so later insurance claims can be processed quickly and easily. It is also recommended to take pictures of the damage if you can. Visible damage needs to be reported on the delivery receipt, and concealed damages within 72 hours.

    If there are damages, please contact us by phone 888 554 4332 as soon as you can, preferably while the driver is still there.

    If you have any questions about your open order, please don't hesitate to contact us. Please review our returns and refunds policy before ordering.

    If you need to change your order, please contact us by phone 888 554 4332 so we can make the changes before the order is shipped.

  • About Us

    World class sauna design expertise

    Our Values

    Customer first: When running a business, there are always a lot of decisions to make, and a lot of the factors affecting those decisions often seem to be opposing each other. We find that these decisions get easier when we ask a simple question: what would the customer want?

    Honesty & Integrity: Finns are very honest people, sometimes to a fault (life would be easier if we didn't find even white lies difficult!). Integrity is an extension of honesty over long period of time. We think twice before promising something, because we don't go back on our word.

    Commitment to quality: For us, quality means doing things right. In order to stick to our long term goal of advancing the Finnish/Nordic sauna culture in the US, we can't make big compromises for small short term savings. We accept the fact that quality has its price, and are ready to look farther into the future. That goes for both customer service and the quality of the products.

    Vision & Mission

    Our Vision is simple: we believe that the people in United States would have better lives with more saunas. Our Mission is to further that goal by offering you the right products and a great long term customer experience.

    What you can expect from us

    We will provide you with the best sauna and spa products, design services and support. We believe that great businesses should be built on long term customer relationships, and we're here to serve you. If you have any questions, you can give me (Jaakko) a call at 888-554-4332!


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