Financing options

Financing options at Divine Saunas

We have two different financing options available: Klarna and Hearth. You can choose the one that works better for you.

If you have any questions about financing, please contact us!

Financing for amounts of $300 - $9,999.99: Klarna

For orders below $10,000, Klarna is a great choice! The application process is fast and straight forward. It's almost like paying with your credit card. After your applications is approved, your order gets paid immediately. This is the fastest financing option we have.

Klarna may sometimes require higher credit scores than some of lending partners at Hearth. If you don't qualify for financing through Klarna, you still have a shot with Hearth, even for amounts under $10,000.

You can apply for the Klarna financing directly at checkout.

Financing for amounts of $1,000 - $100,000: Hearth

For amounts between $1,000-100,000, we have partnered with Hearth financing. Hearth is a broker for multiple different lending partners, so there are a few extra steps in the process. The loan request process is fairly simple.

You just answer a few questions to see the available financing options and rates. You can then choose the lending partner that suits you best. After that they will transfer the funds to your account within 1-3 business days, and you can then place your order with us.

You can apply for Hearth financing by clicking here.