How to select the right wood burning heater for your sauna?

Wood burning sauna heaters are the original and best type of sauna heater. If you live anywhere where city codes don't limit wood burning, we recommend choosing a wood burning sauna heater. The heat from these heaters is strong but mellow, giving you the most authentic sauna experience. We have wood sauna heaters available for all sauna sizes.

When selecting your heater, the main thing to consider is the sauna size. Harvia heaters are good for saunas from 210 ft3 all the way to commercial size saunas of up to 1765 ft3.

Other important decision choice is how you want to feed the firewood to the heater: from inside or outside the sauna? The models with letters "SL" in the name come with a longer fire chamber, that can be made to go through a wall. That will allow you to handle the firewood outside the sauna, keeping wood debris out.

All wood burning heaters come with at least one option of water heater (chimney-mounted heater), and some have options for 2 or more heaters on the sides. These water heaters are perfect for off-grid saunas!

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