Harvia Forte electric sauna heater, always ready, 4-9 KW

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  • Harvia Always Ready electric sauna heater, 4, 6 and 9 Kilowatt options 

    Enjoy sauna whenever you want

    This Harvia heater lets you enjoy relaxation on demand. The Forte heater is always at your service - no pre-heating required! When not in use, the heater goes into a low power mode, while still keeping the rocks hot enough that you can just flip the lid open and start enjoying the sauna!

    • No pre-heating required - just lift the lid and your sauna is ready
    • Perfect for installation as an embedded heater
    • ECO mode saves electricity by enabling very low heat setting without turning off
    • Digital splash-proof touch pad control can be wall mounted inside or outside the sauna room
    • Family safety:
      • turns off if you forget to close the lid
      • keypad lock in controls

    Dual use steam sauna

    You can use the Forte heater both as a hot traditional sauna heater, or for lower temperature steam bathing. You get the traditional experience if you turn the heater power on full (from stand-by ECO mode), and open the air circulation valve fully. If you leave the air valve closed, the sauna doesn't get so hot, and you still get nice amount of silky smooth steam by throwing water to the stones. This heater lets you choose between traditional Finnish style sauna and a Turkish steam bath!

    Harvia Forte is a combined steam and traditional sauna heater

    Steam or traditional sauna? Have it both ways!


      AF45 AF65 AF100
    Output W 4400 6500 9800
    Weight lbs (w/o rocks) 66 66 66
    Dimensions depth in 20 7/8 20 7/8 20 7/8
    Dimensions width in 19 3/4 19 3/4 19 3/4
    Dimensions height in 32 5/8 32 5/8 32 5/8
    Sauna room min. ft3 175 245 350
    Sauna room max. ft3 285 425 530
    Stone capacity max. lbs 220 (Ø 4-6 inch) 220 (Ø 4-6 inch) 220 (Ø 4-6 inch)
    Supply voltage 1-phase 240 240 240
    Amps 18.3 27 40.8
    Breaker size 30 40 50
    Wire size (90° C copper) #10 #8 #6
    Controls On wall On wall On wall

    Minimum wall & bench distances (in millimeters)

    Harvia Forte wall recess minimal safety distances

    Harvia Forte minimal safety distances from benches


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  • Harvia heaters shipping information

    Delivery times

    For heaters in stock, we generally ship within 3 working days, and delivery times are 5-8 days to anywhere in the US. Total time from payment to delivery is usually less than 10 business days, if there are no weather delays. The heaters are shipped freight, for a flat $250 shipping fee to anywhere in the continental US (with the exception of certain hard to reach areas, please ask us if in doubt).

    Shipping to Alaska & Hawaii

    Yes, we ship to Alaska and Hawaii! As the shipping cost depends on each situation, please contact us for a shipping quote.

    Receiving your heater delivery:

    When the shipment is on its way, the shipping company will call you to set up the delivery time.

    When receiving any freight shipment such as a heater, there are two important things to check:

    1. That you have the right number of boxes, and
    2. That there is no shipping damage.

    Please check the delivery receipt / bill of lading. It will show how many crates, boxes or other items there should be total. Make sure the numbers match with what you're getting.

    If there are shipping damages:

    With freight shipments there are generally two types of damage that can occur:

    • visible damage (damaged container/crate)
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    If there are damages, please contact us by phone 888 554 4332 as soon as you can, preferably while the driver is still there.

    If you have any questions about your open order, please don't hesitate to contact us. Please review our returns and refunds policy before ordering.

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    Our Values

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    Vision & Mission

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    What you can expect from us

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