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Buying a Dundalk Leisure Craft indoor or outdoor sauna: the specifics

In part 1 we went through the general choices with most Dundalk Leisure Craft indoor and outdoor saunas. If you haven't read that, it is probably helpful. In this second part we discuss how we've simplified your choices of selecting these saunas, and the biggest differences between each sauna. Finally, we're going to see how you can have a full spa experience in addition to just having the sauna, even completely off-grid!

With all of these saunas, it is important to note that all of them work very well as saunas. The choices come down to functional things like size and shape, and aesthetic considerations, like how the sauna looks like on the outside. As these saunas are always custom made to order at the factory, there are a lot of different options with each of them.

Ready-configured packages vs. fully customizable saunas

For saunas that have the most customization choice, we've simplified things for you and created 3 ready-configured packages. That way you don't need to overwhelm yourself with all the different options. You can either buy the ready packages as they are, or use them as ideas for configuring your own sauna with the fully customizable options.

Even with the fully customizable versions, the options are presented so that the selections guide you. On some of our competitor sites, you are just presented with all of the "raw" choice. The problem with that is that many of those choices are incompatible with each other. You are left scratching your head, trying to figure out what you can really choose.

With our customizable products, the choices are made in a logical way, and the "impossible" selections (based on the selections you've already made) are not even shown to you! In cases where it makes sense to present you with options that might not be compatible, we clearly tell you which selections you can make. If you'd like to discuss the options with a real person, you can give me a call at 888 554 4332 anytime between Mon-Fri 9-5 EST!

Now let's dive deeper into the actual saunas, to see which one is the right one for you. We'll start with what I consider the most unique Dundalk creation...

Pod sauna

The Pod sauna has a beatiful raindrop shape, combining looks with functionality (plenty of headspace). These saunas come 8' wide, with lengths of 6, 7 and 8 feet. We also have available the Mini Pod sauna, a smaller square shape of only 7x7 feet and a bit less choices. With the full size Pod saunas, you can customize almost everything.

Our recommendation for most people comes with knotty wood walls and roof, wood-burning heater, 8x7 sauna room and changeroom (included in the Smart package). The full customization options for Pod sauna are sauna room size, wall & roof wood types, heater, porch/changeroom, windows in back/middle/front, benches, and your choice of accessories.

In short: choose the Pod sauna if you want to combine functionality with a unique look.

Full Pod saunas, heater included, start at $6,599 or as low as $216 /month with Klarna financing! Buy your Pod sauna here!

Luna sauna

Dundalk Leisure Craft Luna sauna available online at Divine Saunas

Luna sauna has large windows and works great in places with a view.

Another uniquely shaped sauna is the Luna, with square shape and rounded corners. One of the main feature of Luna are the very large front windows, making this a great choice in places with a view. To maintain the view, Luna doesn't come with the changeroom option, although you can select a porch. The sauna room size options are 8x6, 8x7 and 8x8 feet. With Luna, you can also choose the Lounge seating upgrade, a really nice addition to any sauna. 2-tier benches are also a great alternative. The full customization options for Luna sauna are sauna room size, wall wood type, heater, porch, benches, and your choice of accessories.

In short: choose Luna if you are placing it somewhere with a view

Full Luna saunas, heater included, start at $6,981 or as low as $228 /month with Klarna financing! Buy your Luna sauna here!

Barrel sauna

The barrel saunas have a couple of distinct advantages: as they are fully round, there is less interior space to heat up. This shortens the time it takes to fully heat the sauna. Another big benefit is easy transportability: unlike the usual "building-like saunas", the barrel saunas can be easily picked up by a crane and moved, even when fully assembled. If you're not sure how long you're going to stay in your current home, this is a huge bonus.

For the options, the barrel saunas probably have the most choice. Our usual recommendation is the knotty wood 7x7 feet barrel sauna room with wood burning heater, changeroom, flat floor and extra rubber roof and a cove (the Smart package). If you'd like to customize it, your full options are the barrel wood type, diameter and length, heater, changeroom & porch, extra roof, cove, interior upgrade (benches/floor), windows in front/middle/back, and your choice of accessories.

In short: if you're planning to move to a new house in the future, Barrel sauna is a safe choice.

Full Barrel saunas, heater included, start at $5,199or as low as $170 /month with Klarna financing! Buy your Barrel sauna here!

Dundalk Leisure Craft Barrel sauna available online at Divine Saunas

Dundalk barrel sauna looks great, works great and is easy to move!

Panoramic barrel sauna

Dundalk Leisure Craft Panoramic barrel sauna available online at Divine Saunas

Panoramic barrel sauna is a premium choice for places with views.

The Panoramic Barrel sauna is one of the most premium choices of Dundalk saunas. They are a variation / upgrade on the barrel sauna. Instead of wooden back wall, the whole "wall" is a window. This combines the benefits of the barrel sauna with allowing for views like the Luna.

The only restriction that comes with the wall is that the outside feed wood burning heater is not available with this sauna. That's not an issue though, as you can still heat the sauna with wood with the Harvia inside feed heater. For the choices, you have the sauna room diameter / length, porch / changeroom, extra roof, overhang, interior upgrades, windows in front/middle, and your choice of accessories.

In short: choose the Panoramic sauna if you have a view or might need to move the sauna in the future.

Full Panoramic saunas, heater included, start at $8,199 or as low as $268 /month with Klarna financing! Buy your Panoramic barrel sauna here!

Kota sauna

Kota sauna has a very distinct shape that allows the people inside the sauna to face each other. For the options, it is quite straight forward: you have two different sizes, 8' for 5 people, and 10' for up 8 people. If you select the larger size, you can select either electric or wood-burning heater. The roof comes either as knotty cedar bevel or cedar shingles.

In short: choose the Kota if you want a sauna where people can face each other.

Full Kota saunas, heater included, start at $8,523 or as low as $278 /month with Klarna financing! Buy your Kota sauna here!

Dundalk Leisure Craft Kota sauna available online at Divine Saunas

With Kota sauna, people in the sauna can face each other.

Cabin saunas

Dundalk Leisure Craft Cabin sauna available online at Divine Saunas

Cabin saunas work great as indoor or outdoor saunas.

The Cabin saunas get you a great looking simple sauna for a relatively affordable price. These cabins come in indoor and outdoor versions. If you only need a sauna for inside you home, you can save some money as you don't need the weather-proof roof. With the indoor saunas, there are 8 sizes to choose from, and they all come with electric heaters. For outdoor saunas, there are 7 sizes to choose from, with the 3 largest ones having the option of wood-burning heater. Both the indoor and outdoor cabin saunas fit 1-6 people. Smallest saunas come with 1-tier benches, while the medium and large sizes have the choice of 2-tier benches.

In short: choose the Cabin sauna for indoor use, or if you want a traditional solution for an outdoor sauna.

Full Indoor Cabin saunas, heater included, start at $5,322 or as low as $174 /month with Klarna financing! Buy your Indoor Cabin sauna here!

The outdoor sauna prices start from $6,099 or $199 /month with Klarna. Buy your Outdoor Cabin sauna here!


Eagle's Nest sauna

If you like the idea of a cabin sauna, but would like something just a bit more adventurous with the looks, the Eagle's Nest sauna is for you. It also comes with more options than the normal cabin sauna, as you can add the changeroom and porch. You can choose the wood type between knotty and clear cedar, allowing for more price savings. The heater can be electric or wood-burning, and with electric heaters you can get an extra window on the back wall.

In short: choose the Eagle's Nest if you want a more versatile Cabin type sauna.

Full Eagle's Nest saunas, heater included, start at $6,199 or as low as $203 /month with Klarna financing! Buy your Eagle's Nest sauna here!

Nice additions to the saunas: Cedar hot tub and outdoor shower

Dundalk red cedar hot tub is a great addition to your sauna.

The cedar hot tubs can really complement your sauna. It's like having a full spa experience even at an off-grid cabin!

If you're interested in heat therapy, other use for a tub would be to use it as a cold water plunge. This is very popular in Finland, where people swim in icy lakes between sauna sessions. I haven't tried it myself yet, but everyone who has says that it makes you extremely relaxed afterwards. There is a lot of new scientific evidence coming out about the benefits of hot AND cold therapy, so it's definitely worth considering. Just for the cold plunges, my recommendation is the oval-shaped cedar tub that comes with the lowest price of $2,732 (we have this product coming soon, stay tuned!). As you're not going to be spending a lot of time in the tub, it doesn't have to be large or fit many people.

The round hot tubs start at $3,316, or as low as $109 / month with Klarna financing! Buy your round cedar hot tub here!

The outdoor shower is a useful addition, even if you buy the tub. You should always have a quick rinse before going to the sauna or to the tub, so this outdoor shower will serve you well. It can be hooked up to both cold and hot water like any normal shower. Outdoor shower is coming soon, stay tuned!

Dundalk red cedar outdoor shower on grass with fountain

Dundalk red cedar shower lets you shower while enjoying the outdoors.

Hopefully this guide has been helpful! It is hard to go through all the details in a blog post, so if you have any questions, please contact us by chat, email or by phone 888 554 4332! Or just dive right into the products and buy a great Dundalk Leisure Craft sauna or hot tub online from us at Divine Saunas!

Jaakko M.
Jaakko M.

The author has lifelong experience of saunas, as is natural for Finns. When not busy learning about how Bitcoin makes the world a better place, he's learning more about saunas. Jaakko shares his findings here in Divine Saunas blog!

You can read more about him in the About Us page.

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